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Orders are accepted by telephone, fax, website request, email, or visit.

Orders are reviewed and Toptrans develops a working plan and schedule with the client.

A cost estimate is developed based on the size and difficulties of the project. A contact and confidentiality agreement are drafted.
Team Setup
- Toptrans selects personnel with professional knowledge and experience in the relevant field and sets up the translation team.
- Toptrans drafts an overview and detailed working plan and schedule.
- Toptrans develops a database of technical terms and frequently used expressions for translation consistency and accuracy.
Editing &
- Toptrans selects translators with professional knowledge and relevant technical education and background, as well as proficiency in the specified language.

Toptrans performs a linguistic and technical review on the wrong translation, style, spelling, expression, etc.
A project manager edits and proofreads

Toptrans provides regular feedback to the client to assure the highest quality product is delivered.

The client inspects the product. If a mistake is identified, re-translation will be done.

Toptrans delivers the product by word file, CD, film, software or any other format you request
Products can be delivered by e-mail, FAX, courier or in person
After Service
- Toptrans does not consider a project complete until the client is fully satisfied.
Toptrans provides various forms of publishing after the translation process through the DTP programs such as FrameMaker, PageMaker, InDesign, Illustrator, PhotoShop, QuarkXpress, Office, Hangul, HTML, etc. Linguistic quality assurance is also performed to ensure the closest match to the original. Upon request, files can be sent by slide film, OHP film, book, brochure, document, PDF file, or color printed material.

Procedure :
Editing and proofreading íŠ Client's inspection íŠ (Re-editing and re-proofreading until the client is fully satisfied) íŠ Film generating (or saving as file) íŠ Delivery